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Our Generation Mini Suite Teepee
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Our Generation Mini Suite Teepee Zelten Sie stilvoll und richten Sie das Our Generation Mini Suite Teepee . Dieses schÃ&#182ne Zelt fÃ&#188r Ihre Puppe kommt mit vielen lustigen Accessoires, um den besten Campingausflug aller Zeiten zu organis

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Voyeur Eyes Only: Vegas Windows: Erotic Encount...
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The 2011 EAACON in Las Vegas has produced this first collection of seven erotic stories from the sensual pens of the writers in the Erotic Authors Association. This audio edition was edited by Essemoh Teepee and Genevieve Ash, with D.L. King. ‘The Art of Watching’ by K.D. Grace: Sanya is the maid who cleans rich voyeur Mr Smith’s posh hotel room every day. And every day, she rewards herself by taking advantage of his well-positioned telescope, until she is caught in the act.... ‘Private Viewing’ by D.L. King: A jaded gambler returns to her hotel suite after a big win. She turns to her telescope for some perfect entertainment.... ‘Vegas Lights’ by Jade Melisande: Where does fact and fantasy lie, on which side of the plate glass window is the watcher and the watched? ‘Room 1101’ by Nik Havert: He sees her from his hotel, and she sees him from hers. They are just made for each other; he just has to find her.... ‘Zoom in’ by Laura Antoniou: From her successful ‘Market Place’ series, this story finds Nigel looking for some dirt on a potential player, and boy does he find it! ‘Alone Time’ by Cecilia Duvalle: When you are away from your loved ones and the hotel room is a little lonely, it can be so good when the phone rings. ‘Seeing Clearly’ by Genevieve Ash: A trip to Sin City for a writer’s conference turns into a journey of pleasure for a couple whose passion cannot be denied. The intensity of their intimacy draws a voyeur into the very heart of their desire.... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Essemoh Teepee, (Editor), Genevieve Ash, (Editor), Laura Antoniou. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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